Improving the Courts Every Day

As a sitting Magisterial District Judge, Bret has:

  • Moved toward cashless bail.
    People should not be kept in prison awaiting trial based on the money they have. Bret has greatly reduced the amount of people on cash bail, focusing on the safety of the community and likelihood of flight of the defendant;
  • Performed weddings for all.
    Bret performs weddings for all who ask free of charge or discrimination;
  • Provided access to information and help.
    Bret makes sure those in front of him know about the services available in Chester County, including housing assistance, domestic violence support services, mental health court, veterans’ court and other useful programs;
  • Eliminated debtors’ prison.
    Bret has refused to incarcerate individuals based solely on their inability to pay a debt;
  • Worked to improve the system.
    Bret has been appointed to the Special Court Judges Association of Pennsylvania Rules Committee to improve the rules to provide a better system of justice for all Pennyslvanians;
  • Ensured that all are treated with respect.
    Bret takes great pride in treating every individual in front of him with dignity and provides all an opportunity to be heard.