Judges Bret Binder and Analisa Sondergaard are thrilled to be running as a team for the Chester County Court of Common Pleas and to have both earned the endorsement from the Chester County Democratic Committee. The only two sitting Magisterial District Judges in the race, Bret and Analisa speak regularly about the issues facing their courts and how to improve the judicial system. These conversations have included their pushes to: (1) eliminate debtors’ prison where people can be incarcerated due to an inability to pay fines for items such as traffic tickets; (2) perform weddings for all – both Bret and Analisa agree that officiating weddings may be the best part of the job!; (3) moving towards cashless bail to ensure people who aren’t a true danger to society or flight risk aren’t incarcerated while awaiting trial which can often lead to unintended punishment, such as the individual losing his/her job, spiraling further into depression, etc.; (4) credit community service in lieu of fines at a fair living wage of $15 per hour; and (6) ensure that all individuals in front of their courts know the resources available to help with mental health issues, alcohol or opioid/drug addiction, or issues unique to veterans.

Chester County has never elected a Magisterial District Judge to the Court of Common Pleas. Bret and Analisa believe that their experiences in having to rule on procedural and evidentiary issues, listen to the facts, and decide on guilt or innocence as well as determine an appropriate sentence is invaluable and sets them apart from any other candidate. Moreover, both have gained a reputation for treating people with compassion and respect while applying the law knowledgeably and practicably. Please help support Judges Binder and Sondergaard as they seek to bring their proven judicial experience, wisdom, and compassion from their current seats to all of Chester County.

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